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At Springfield General Surgery, our hernia doctor Tedros Andom MD is a specialist in hernia surgery and hernia repair. He is very experienced in treating particular types of hernias, and in doing so by using the most effective possible surgical hernia treatment. Rather than providing a quick-fix that could re-rupture or cause further problems, Dr. Andom is interested in completely and thoroughly repairing your hernia, so that it won’t trouble you again. Even if you are in need of a complex hernia repair, or you are experiencing issues from a prior hernia repair, our expert hernia surgeon near Dayton and Springfield can help. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Andom to discuss your hernia treatment options, please call our office at (937) 717-4884.

What is a Hernia?

Hernias occur when an organ pushes through an opening in muscle tissue. They are typically found in the abdominal wall, but can also affect the upper thigh and groin area. The issue will develop as the result of muscle weakness or over-exertion. If the hernia is the result of muscle weakness, it may develop over time. But, if it happens because of intense physical exertion, it could happen immediately.

Sufferers will usually notice a bulge or lump in the affected area and may experience pain, weakness, and burning. In most cases, the issue isn’t immediately life-threatening, but surgery may be required to prevent long-term problems.

Most Common Types of Hernias

Inguinal Hernia

Accounting for approximately 70% of hernias, inguinal hernias occur in the lower abdomen near the groin area. Men are more likely to experience this type of hernia due to a natural weakness in these muscles.

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Hiatal Hernia

This type of hernia affects the diaphragm, the muscle that separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity. Hiatal hernias can cause heartburn and are more complicated to repair than other hernia types.

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Incisional Hernia (Ventral Hernia)

These typically occur in the abdominal area where a previous surgery has been performed. The section of muscle surrounding the area where an incision has healed tends to be weaker than normal muscle tissue.


Umbilical Hernia

Most commonly occurring in infants, these hernias affect the area around the bellybutton. This is the only type of hernia that may resolve itself, but if it doesn’t, it may require surgery to be repaired.

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Femoral Hernia

Femoral hernias affect the groin area and are much more common in women than men. These occur just below the crease between the leg and the abdomen and are often the result of pregnancy and childbirth.

Epigastric Hernia

Epigastric hernias appear when fat pushes through the muscle anywhere between the breastbone and bellybutton. Most of these hernias are small and cause few symptoms, but may cause pain or burning.

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Even though hernia symptoms are not life-threatening they can cause complications in the future and may require surgical removal. At Springfield General Surgery our hernia doctor, Dr. Tedros Andom, specializes in treating patients suffering from hernia symptoms. He will take the time to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a comprehensive diagnosis so that you can receive the best treatment available.  If you are interested in a consultation or are considering hernia surgery, contact our general surgeon, Tedros Andom, MD at (937) 717-4884.

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