The Stomach Procedure Diet

This special diet providers fluids and food that leave little residue and are easily absorbed with minimal digestive activity. This diet is inadequate in all essential nutrients and is recommended only pre-procedure diet are temporarily needed.

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Food Groups/Allowed Foods:

  • Beverage: You may have tea, coffee (no creamer), carbonated beverages and fruit-flavored drinks. NO MILK PRODUCTS.
  • Fruit Juices: Strained fruit juices: apple, white grape, and lemonade. NO JUICES WITH UNSTRAINED FRUIT.
  • Soups: Clear broth. NO NOODLES OR MEAT.
  • Desserts: Any flavored gelatin, popsicles.
  • Vegetables: Salad with vegetables only and low-fat dressing. Limit to ONE salad daily. NO CHEESE, EGGS, OR CROUTONS.
  • Miscellaneous: Sugar, honey, syrup, hard candy, and salt.

You may have one Slim Fast drink per day as a meal replacement, any flavor.